Want to share a skill?

  1. Post a help offer or search for a help request that fits your skill, or
  2. Find a relevant skill request and send a help proposal
  3. Meet up, share and enjoy
  4. Get an hour and a review for your awesome help

Need help?

  1. Post a skill request or search among Villagers' skill offers and wait, or
  2. Find a relevant skill offer and send a help request
  3. Meet up, get help and learn
  4. Write a review and give an hour to the Villager who made your day

Key to the menu entries

The overall view of skills, workshops and latest signups in the Village
Your messaging centre
Search skills, offers, requests and Villagers
Add a skill offer/request
View your past and upcoming activities
Profile and account settings, plus info and logout


Time Village only uses data you provide to optimise the service and give you the best possible experience. No data is shared with external parties. You contact details are only used for Time Village to deliver relevant information about messages and requests from Time Villagers, or to inform you of new feutures, events and relevant news from Time Village. You can set the level of information you wish to receive in your setting page.

What we collect:

We collect all data that you provide to us to set up an account. We also collect your user picture from Facebook or Google if you use any of them as a login provider. All data is saved at servers in Europe, using AWS as a supplier. User metrics is collected via Mixpanel. Cookies is used to help us protect and improve Time Village, such as by personalizing content.
The Time Village service is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply from 25 May 2018. That includes the right for you to request the full record of the data stored on our servers and your right to erasure in case you want to delete your account.
The use of the Time Village service is regulated by our Terms of Use.

About Time Village and the team

Time Village was born in Stockholm in 2013 and been growing and evolving since then. You will now find Time Villagers scattered around the world, but we are still caring for our Stockholm community first.
We are a small team of engaged enthusiasts. Get in touch with us at info@timevillage.org if you have any question, feedback or want to join the team.
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